Cookiedale's & Co.
artisan confections for every occasion
Cookiedale’s & Co.  offer  freshly baked sugar cookies
in over a hundred different shapes and designs. All
custom cookies and icing are flavored in vanilla.
As beautiful as our cookies appear they even taste
better.  We incorporate the finest ingredients and our
creations are 100% edible. We specialize in
photo/graphic details and will customize to your
Ingredients:  sugar, bleached flour, wheat
egg, butter, baking soda, corn starch, salt
vanilla, egg, artificial colors and flavors.
Images: corn starch, water, corn syrup
cellulose, sugar, vegetable oil,   gum arabic  
fructose, tapioca, glycerine, vanilla,citric acid
polysorbate 8o,  food coloring.
Each favor is wrapped in a clear cellophane bag with a coordinating ribbon and
gift tag included in the price.
Our favors generally begin at $3.00 per piece.
Depending on your design and detail, the price may vary.
Due to the intricate detail and labor involved in decorating each
cookie we are unable to discount large quantity orders.
There is a 12 piece minimum per design and we require a lead time of 7 days.   
Except for local pick up and deliveries payment is due before baking .
Text and  Photos Property of Cookiedale’s & Co.
No.  917.312.5766
corset cookie favor